Saturday, May 30, 2009


The weather in Oregon is uncharacteristically warm for the end of May. It is usually 65+ and still an occasional shower, but for the past four days it is in the 80s with no rain in sight.

We have been concentrating on the yard. Yesterday I put a yard and a half of Hemlock shredded bark (which the locals call bark dust) on our paths and around some of our shrubs. I was aided with a 4 year old who can't get enough of his dad's new (1995) truck. We worked hard, but we had fun.

We keep our selves going trying to put in the days until our kitchen once more is 100% functional. Presently we have no sink or counter tops. We have assembled several pieces of scrap lumber on top of some of the cabinets to give a working surface, but something (other than mother nature) calls us to the bathroom for water or to wash a dish or two. Our friends have been generous by inviting us out for meals, and we walked to the Thai restaurant last night to keep from having to do the run back and forth to the bathroom. Just five more days to go. It does not stop us; only slows us down to have a stove and refrigerator, but no sink.

Today, we took in a ball game of Truman's and, oh yes, we did get our half of !/4 beef we are sharing with Bren and Amy the other day. Even now I smell the crock pot slow cooking a roast that will make delicious sandwiches for Sunday lunch. You see, Aleene still entertains whether she has a sink or not; paper is in.

The weather is not the usual rainy and cool and so we are irrigating both flower and vegetable gardens...and it is only May 30!

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