Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday before Memorial Day (including new pix)

311 S. Meridian
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Hey, what a beautiful day. We got up early and did our two mile walk. Aleene went to tend the dragons. I took off for church to drive the van. Before I left the church, I was able to sneak a quick rehearsal for the number I was singing.

I only had too ladies in the van today. Hearty souls, for sure. The song went well, which I did as an introit.

We went to the Cottage for lunch and watched the end of Indy. The tradition goes on...more or less. That is how we observed Memorial Day when I was a wee lad; that and painting the garage roof.

This evening I grilled ribs. I do not do ribs often and tonight's offering was a treat.

So goes part of the Memorial Day weekend. Now go look at the pictures.

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