Monday, May 11, 2009

North through the Shenandoah Valley

Our trip back was full of sights and memories of a great wedding weekend. Carrie and Barry were married in a manner befitting of a young couple being joined and set off by loving families. It was a great time. We had a chance for the the four of us, (Dave, Phyllis, Jim and I) to visit yet one more time as we march our way through life's journey. Who would have thought 60 years ago that we would have gathered for a grandchild's wedding in Richmond, VA? It would have all seemed so strange to even consider then.

The road home was easy, long, but easy since we traveled through some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S. I have to be careful, because my PNW brothern will wonder what got into me. But the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (that Arthur Godfrey sang about) offer some spectacular vistas. Down the valley you go (the Shenandoah River flows north) toward Winchester, then on to Hagerstown, MD and west over I-68...the best kept secret in East-West travel before turning north again at Morgantown, WV.

The trip through the mountains of Northern Maryland and into West Virginia was cooler, higher with less foliage on the trees...on Mother's Day 2009.

Into Mt. Lebanon at about 8:30 and stopping to eat at a local pub ended our journey.

We fly to Portland Tuesday morning.

Great fun, great time, great memories of Carrie and Barry Hawes' wedding.

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