Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking back on history

I've been writing some personal history stuff. So it was timely when our men's group at church, which devotes about fifteen minutes a month to getting to know each other, said April was my turn.

In my first book attempt, Luacres, I tried to capture the reason for our family moving to the farm in 1942. To understand the logic, I went back 10 years previously to the "cottage years." I am going to tell that tale when I "introduce" myself to the other UM Men.

Our folks owned or co-owned a very rustic cabin on the Neshannock River just above the dam at Volant. The dam was used to back up the water and send it scurrying down a canal or race to drive a grist mill. Some of the pictures here are an attempt to show those sights. I found the updated photos on the Volant website, which is a look at the town today...mostly a tourist destination thanks to the Amish inhabitants.

One of the the local Amish used to work on our farm right after WWII. Now, 80 something, Jonathan Byler's residence has been a stopping point for us on and off for years. When he was asked if the development of Volant was good or bad, he thought for a while and decided that the good outweighed the bad. That was at least 10 years ago. I am not sure how he feels today.

It is a beautiful part of the countryside...Northern Lawerence County, Pennsylvania. Those are my roots, I guess, so I thought I would share the view.

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