Saturday, February 07, 2009

Went to the Zoo today

Amy and Bren were both working today, Saturday, February 6. We had the boys and decided to go to the Oregon Zoo. I have posted on the that before (see Poor Pachy.) Today was much nicer.

First, it is winter/spring and there are not quite so many people out (although by the time we were leaving the parking lot was loaded) and we went early. We saw the new wolf exhibit...that was a bit spooky. Wolves are spooky and they have a mother and her (big) pup. They were both laying in the sun and napping. She is an awesome looking specimen.

The baby (5 months old) India Elephant was out with his mom. That is not always the case and we felt honored to see him. He weighs in at 803 pounds; big boy for still being milk fed.

The other great sights were the giraffe, three types of bear and the kids with their parents. It must be an outing for moms with strollers...they were everywhere.

We had our two boys who were a delight to watch and groove with as they ran from exhibit to exhibit and shouted with excitement, "Look, Grammy..."

By the time we left for home they were both loopy with fatigue.

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