Friday, January 02, 2009

Heading the first class section

When I checked in on line for my flight yesterday I had the option of getting on the FC wait list, so I took it. Two hours later Continental sent me an email which said I had a seat. Wow…all those 2008 miles finally paid off, I thought. But let me catch you up on the goings on in Virginia.
I should say I am writing this in flight and will post it tomorrow…Friday…after the USC shellacking of my Nittany Lions.

After a good night’s sleep following a rollicking NY eve, J, N and I got up and followed Suzie’s directions to the house on Thornfield from the Courtyard for the umpteenth time. The occupants were up and moving and we had ham biscuits also for the umpteenth time. (This got to be a joke on several levels: one is that the So. Virginians believe in ham on biscuits…much like the bacon roll in Scotland; the second is that N does not eat ham or any red meet…so she had to make due with whatever she could find to put on her biscuits.)

J&N headed for PGH at about 11:00 amidst tears…Cindi and I watched some of the Rose Parade with the others and left at noon for Richmond. We had a great time traveling together. Cindi is a good listener. I have not talked to any of the girls for that long in years. It was good to hear about their family.

Tammi and Anne are with Chickie for now. Anne (Bruce’s sister) heads back to NJ on Saturday morning. Cheri and Kyle will be in on Sunday for a break. The girls are trying to keep someone close by in these first few weeks. There is lots to do at the house, but the down time will be the challenge.

We got to RIC about two hours before my flight. RIC is a nice small to medium sized airport…very modern. I confirmed my FC seat from Newark to Portland at not cost and crowed to myself (very much internally) for the next five minutes…all the way through security.
The flight to Newark was on time…when we got there a skiff of snow covered the ground and it was 25 degrees. I had to change terminals and plopped myself down at the gate and drove off the urge to eat since I would be eating on the plane.

I talked to Aleene twice for updates on the game…it was not pretty.

We started loading ½ hour before departure and I have to agree with the flight attendant in 1st class when she observed that this was the slowest loading flight she had seen in ages. Evidently, passengers were taking their own sweet time putting things up and blocked the aisle…I couldn’t see, but I sure read the looks on the faces of the people going past me in a line that was not moving. We pushed back about 20 minutes late…and took off sometime after 8:00 p. eastern.
Suffice it to say that I have an empty seat next to me and there are several more near me (in first class)…and all those blokes behind me are packed in like sardines. But the meal was good and I am on my thrid glass of red wine…ah yes, it is nice to travel 6 hours in the air…in first class.

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