Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow daze

We have had more snow and freezing temps in the past three days than we have had here in the past three years. It brings things to grinding halt. First, they do not use salt. Anywhere. So the streets and highways get slippery beyond belief and there are traffic problems...for sure. Second, the average Oregonian does not know how to drive on ice or snow. Third, there are higher elevations that get much more snow than we here in the flat valley ever see. Mix this all together and you get immobility. The kids have been off school three days and will likely not go back all this week.

I love Oregon and the people are great, but I can tell you a few days of winter like is normal in the mid-west for four months brings us to a grinding stop.

Sundays prediction is for 40 degrees and rain. Maybe then all the madness will be over.


Heidi Pender said...

Being from North Idaho where our winters are full of snow, I have LOTS to say about Oregonians and snow! It drives me crazy that life stops here at the mere hint of snow. OK, enough ranting :)

Michelle Karsten said...

Tom - Beautiful pictures from your cruise! I'm glad you two had such a good time. I can't wait to see more of the pix.

As for your snow ... come back to Holland and we'll talk about snow! Expecting 10-15 inches tomorrow night!!!