Friday, October 31, 2008

Lovin' the sun

Haven't caught up on things, tired as I am....I'll give it a try.

Got to PHX on time and made our way to G.year before noon on Wednesday.

Spent Thursday with Jan and Gary...visited the State Capital museum and park downtown in the late morning sun. Gary had directions to a little known Mexican lunch spot in the heart of old Phoenix...excellent. They concentrate on burros and chimichungas. There was a line ordering and a line waiting for orders...but soon we got our bags and went outside to eat at a picnic table under a tree. Typical neighborhood advertising, no signs, just good food fast.

I went with Gary to the JV game he was reffing and ended up working the ten yard markers (chains) for the first half...lots of sun at four in the afternoon. Gary grilled out when we got home and went to bed early.

Aleene and I got started for our trip to the Botanical Garden at 8:30 and ended up being the first ones there...but soon the gang showed up. This is the 12 couples from our frat house at Penn State circa. 1961-64. What an excellent venue that is.

Dinner was in Chandler and we are now back in the hotel...ready for bed. Tomorrow we go to Rawhide...for a hayride/cookout. This should be fun, too. Sunday is the noonish picnic at our host's house then back to G.year Sunday evening.

The old timers from PS days are in good shape, lots of fun catching up on things and hearing how everyone has been doing. Next summer's reunion is in Pittsburgh area and the next will be back in Florida. Lots to think about.

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If you see my sister, tell her I said "Hi"!!