Monday, October 06, 2008

A look at the past

The little girl dancing is part of a neighborhood troop of dancers who do the Scottish style of ballet. They dance on their toes and do some very intricate steps. They were so cute. Probably the best was a five year old. This girl performed right in front of me, so she got the picture.

Wearing "tartans" was outlawed in Scotland for a period of time. The plaid was significant of the clan. Jessie and Pete' s last name is Douglas and Pete is wearing the Douglas plaid. Note that the way to tell if a kilt is long enough is to have it touch the floor when you kneel. His outfit is about $500 he said.

George, Donna, Emma (grand daughter) and Susan were at Scots Night too. George is dressed in the Hastings kilt. You cannot see Pete's sox which were knee length, but George wears boots with is kilt and low sox. That is a choice they make. The high sox are more traditional. They carry their knife in their sox. Today knives are the real thing is outlawed.

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