Saturday, October 11, 2008


The intended subject is not the graveyard or the church, it is the tree to the left. The sign on the wall says, "5,ooo year old Yew".

It is hard to show the tree since it is surrounded by a stone wall for protection and the gnarly stump is dark and in very close quarters. But there it stands a Yew supposedly tested to show the root stalk is over 5,000 years. Amazing.

The location of the Kirk and tree is the northern-most part of Scotland that we visited. It is back a very narrow road, so narrow that you have to dive into a driveway or back up when you meet oncoming traffic. It is rural, but near it is an inn. There are sheep everywhere and even a few of the wooly-faced Highland cattle. This is the foothills of the Highlands...and nearby is the infamous Tay River which is the highwater mark of the Roman Empire.

This was disputed ground...disputed by the Picts, the Scots, the Norsemen, and the Romans. It is a bit of antiquity.

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