Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting ready for Scotland

We leave in two days and the crush of time is setting in. Let's see...have we:
1. Stopped the mail? check
2. Stopped the paper? check
3. Prepared detailed instructions for Amy to do while we are gone? well, sort of
4. Purchased gifts for our host family? check
5. Converted some bux into lbs.? check
6. Laid out 14 changes of undies? check
7. Figured out how many frequent flier miles we will get? check
8. Got our working clothes ready (ones we can leave there)? check
9. Exercised daily to get in shape for the work (there are only 4 guys and there is my machoness to protect)? not so much
10.Figured out what technology to take with us? not 'til the last minute

If I get a chance I will blog from there...if not...see you October 4.

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