Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Border Country

All work and no play makes me a tired boy. We played Saturday as we took to our mini-bus and headed southwest of Edinburgh to the Border Country. This is rolling farmland with lots of sheep. I recognized several breeds. I always look for Suffolks as those were the ewes that I raised fifty years ago. There were also lots of Cheviots, Southdowns and a couple of other breeds I did not recognize (maybe a Dorset or two.) The fields were lined with Dry Stein Dykes (sone fences that are laid piece by piece without morter...thus dry stone (steen) dykes.)

In Scotland, when two vowels go walking the first does the in reading 101. That is unlike, of course, the Dutch names. We were in a pub last week...Sheep's Heid...Sheep's heed...or sheep's head. Didn't mean to get carried away.

We toured ruins of churches last used 500 years ago. We saw where Mary Queen of Scots stayed when she graced the border country. And lastly, we motored to the North Sea and crossed the Scotland-England border twice so we could "enjoy leaving England" to return to mother Scotland. They do not like the English.

Back home we had take out (take away) Chinese which was delightful after a day in the bus.

Today we church with our pastor, Janey, preaching...and then an afternoon of travel and an evening at the local pastor's house for supper. They really do a number on the food for us.

I gotta run, but the time is going fast and we are all dreading leaving our new friends on Friday.

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SLB said...

What a great experience!! Be safe!