Saturday, July 05, 2008


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Make no mistake, one of the delightful things about Oregon is the lush vegetation. Some grow on their own, but some you have to cultivate. Aleene works hard at cultivating her perennials. Take a look at these and you will see the fruits of her work. I would name them if I could, but I can't. The Lupine I know so it was chosen to front this blog.

This project all started out by the magnificent color of the hydrangea. There are three shades which are enhanced by spreading a bit of Epsom salt around the base. That does not color them, just enhances the colors that are bred into the plant (so saith the garden girl.) I love the poppy and the lilies and the bee balm, while not quite out, is still a favorite. I did capture some of the veggies that are growing, but not all. And who can forget the morning glory and the holly hock?

It is difficult to get a real closeup and stay in cut me a little slack. I took over 50 pictures and not all turned out

Having said that, you get a sense of what our front and back yards look like in early July. Oh yes, she does irrigate this time of year. We are in our dry season.

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