Friday, June 06, 2008


Here it is the sixth of June and boy, one wonders where summer is. After a record warm several days in mid-May it sure forgot how to be warm around here. Aleene is bummed since she has some gardening to get done and lacks the umph to do it in 60 degree weather.

The Rose Festival is this weekend and the planners are bummed. I would like to slip up I-5 and tour one of the four visiting DDs sitting in the Willamette downtown. But as Aleene points out, it is unlikely I will do that. (She knows that I do not enjoy traffic and crowds.) It was easy to go to Grand Haven and visit the CG ships in the harbor there. I enjoyed being there for colors at eight in the morning.

We had a chance to walk down town this evening and buy a bowl of soup at one of our haunts. Then we went over to see the boys before bed. Asher, bless his heart, wanted to watch Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner along with my throb, Debbie Reynolds sing and dance to Good Morning. Bless his heart. He loves singing and dancing.

While we were out, the sun came out and for a brief moment it looked like June 6. There is hope.

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