Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colorado Springs, CO

It was hot and windy when I landed at the airport this afternoon. The car thermometer said that it was 93 degrees, but one I passed one on the way in says only 88. Either one is a welcome change from the high forties and drizzle which is what Portland was when I left. The flights were good.

It was bouncy as we landed both at Salt Lake and Colorado Springs. But, hey, I am an experienced navy person, so bouncy rides don't bother me. Two little girls, about 9 and 11, were sitting behind me coming into Salt Lake and they were ooohing and aaahhhing as we came close to the Wasatch Mountains and could see the big lake. Then the bottom fell out of our ride and they hollered and began to giggle, as only that age girl can. As we landed, their mother who was sitting behind them, was shushing them and trying to keep them in their seats and not plow through the passenger line that forms when the door opens. I think they got the message...cute little grins on their faces.

I go to the plant early tomorrow morning for my four hour program and then fly out about six in the evening which makes for a late ride home. Oh well, this is the last program for a few weeks. My next gig is a three day tag team starting out in Lowell, Massachusetts continuing to Union, NJ and ending in Warrendale, PA where I will hole up for a couple of days with Jim and Dave. That is sometime around July 10 or so.

Before that trip we spend a week at the coast. I am really looking forward to that because the motorhome is full of cheaper gas and it is only 140 miles round trip to Pacific City. That will leave the tank about 2/3 full for the rest of the summer jaunts to Champoeg and another dash to the coast. I know, sooner or later I will have to spend $250 filling it. Don't remind me.

Our thoughts are with our old neighbors in Holland. Some of them got up to 15 inches of rain in their lower levels. Eegad. I cannot fathom what a mess that would be. I wonder how both of our Holland former residences survived...the condo since others flooded and Song Bird since it had a very active sump pump and we did have some water once there. You are never safe from water.

Where we are now narrowly escaped the last major flood of the Willamette ten or so years ago. We have a crawl space, but that can be a bear if water gets in and you don't get it out...insulation, musty...yuk. Oh well, we will see. We are more likely to be quaked than flooded.

That's all for now. I have to prep for my presentation...and keep thinking the good thoughts.

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SLB said...

Bradley and I had our layovers in Salt Lake, beautiful area! In April there was snow on the mountains.