Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our second anniversary

Actually, the actual day passed this week, unnoticed. We pulled into Oregon on May 4, 2006 and arrived at our new home on the 5th. The truck was unloaded (and Rosey died) on the 6th. It has been a wonderful two years.

What have I learned? Starting over is an adventure. Being a "full time" grandpa is fun and exciting and filled with laughs. Discovering new friends by establishing a church is the way to go. Age is relative. Aleene still loves me although I am with her almost 24/7 now.

I was talking to my brother Jim about the Valley the other day, by phone, and how beautiful it is in the spring. I found myself bragging a bit. This to a Master Gardener who revels in natural beauty seasonally. I guess I was just trying to prick his interest and come out for a visit.

Inspite of what former Oregon governor Tom McCall said then, and many people today feel, "...come for a visit, just don't move here," we have been welcomed and blessed.

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