Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Oregon we vote by mail

They (the national media) has made a big deal out of the May 20 primary in Oregon. Well, lest the world forgets, in Oregon we vote by mail. Everyone, every election. We got our ballots a week ago and they have to be returned by the 20th, but you can vote anytime. People poo-poo the mail in vote, but it works quite well here. We take our ballot (so we don't have to pay return postage) to the collection box at City Hall and it is done.

The point is that all the hype building to the 20th is just that. People are not sitting on the fence and deciding at the last minute...they vote when they are ready. Another thing, you cannot cross over in this election and the locals outlawed the term "independent" a few years ago, so we got "non-partisan " ballots. I never do vote the party line, I vote for the person, so we did not change our ballot preference just to vote for BO or HRC...we are sitting this primary out for president, this time.

There are two things the rest of the country does not get right about Oregon...rainfall and voting by mail. They are not what people think.

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