Friday, April 18, 2008

Mac Book

After 30 years...I finally bought an Apple (Mac Book). Yep, came by Fed Ex yesterday. Why? Amy and Bren have converted and they LOVE theirs. George Fox gets an Apple discount for employees...for which I qualify...and I wanted a smaller lap top. Mine is too big and heavy.

It looks like I will be doing some traveling around the country this Spring and early Summer, doing presentations for my friend in Holland, so I decided to "invest" in a discounted Mac.

I am learning to like it. It is light and fast and is supposed to handle graphics much faster than my clunky Dell...but that has yet to be proved. The Dell needed new batteries, which are not cheap, if I am going to travel with it...and it is sooo heavy. This little Mac Book is about five pounds and fits into a small brief case.

Finished my class last night. The next one starts in late May and goes into July. It is an online class that has one face to face meeting in June. I will have to be home for that one...but with the schedule that is evolving, I am going to be somewhere else in June and July. Really, there are five trips to seven locations. One is to Warrendale (Mars) I most likely can stop in to see the Lutz bros. in Freedom and Mt. Lebo. That is a plus.

Several of us moved the pews in the church the other day....if you read my post about Hazel Mary...well, today we moved them back. Zip, zip, zip. Back they went. These suckers are about 100 years old but in remarkable condition. Perhaps the trustees will invest in wireless internet so I can take my new Mac to church? Probably not.

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