Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring break

Doing what boys do! That sums up our spring break camping experience. The first picture, however, was taken Easter weekend. Tru found a big worm in our back yard...just had to photograph that. Tru loves the fire building part of camping. And Ashie loves just being there. Most of the time it rained, but we did have several hours of sun both days...and we did get to break camp in sun. All in all, it was a good two nights. Each of the boys had a turn...and Grammy cooked some cool breakfasts. I was able to grill outdoors both evenings. Next up? Pacific City in June. We made reservations for a week at the coast...or did I mention that? Anyhow, we will enjoy the out of doors, yet again.

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SLB said...

What fun!!! The boys are growing up so fast!!