Monday, February 25, 2008

Home again

We drove through on Sunday...750 miles...rain, snow, sun, you name it. Once we got going we kept saying we would see how far we might go, but we both knew, if we lasted the driving, we would press to get home.

When we got up it was sunny. For the first 200 miles it was sunny. Then the rain and wind cut loose. By the time we got to the mountains it was nasty. At 3900 feet (the Black Butte Pass at Mt. Shasta) it was down right awful. The snow was falling, and while the right lane of the highway was clear, the others were slush filled and slick. They did not have us chain up, I think because the temp was just above freezing on our vehicle. We saw it drop from 48 to 33 as we ascended. Over the summit it was SUN.

We did have more rain until Eugene, but by the time we were in The Valley it was 52...ah, yes.

Here are some pix of our trip...

We got home at 7:45 (about 12 hours), unpacked and in bed by ten. We have a full week scheduled, so bring on spring.

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