Friday, February 22, 2008

Arizona stay winding down

Yesterday we headed to Prescott (pronounced Press-cut) for some real cowboy energy. Prescott is located in what I would call the high desert. You go over a 4500 foot pass, snow and all, to get there. It sits in a valley that must be 2500-3000 feet, so it was cold there yesterday. But boy do you drink in the old West.
Their main street (for tourists) is Whiskey Row...and one sales person told us...they don't lock you up if you get drunk; they just talk to you about it. That's a relief. I don't mind being talked to about my drinking, I just don't want to be in the "tank." We ate in an old bar that has been around since the 1870s. That is significant because there was a devistating fire in the 1880s and the only thing saved was the bar. Can you see these cowboys running around the fire hollering at each other to forget the trapped people, just save the bar.
Anyway, the existing building has been there for over 100 years and it has attracted a lot of the old name cowboy stars. When I went into the rest room, there was my old buddy Hoppy sitting on Topper. I nearly cried. In tribute, I ordered his sandwich.
Of all the cowboy towns in the Southwest, I would put Prescott on top. It is an expanding population there...people escape the heat there in the summer, but it also the County Seat of Yavapai (sp) County. Really, it reminded me of Bend, OR: very upscale, but with much more to offer than tourism.

Gary and I golfed in the morning. We were joined by two of his co-workers at the golf course. One is a former resident of Fremont and Gerber employee. The other gentleman...and the best golfer of the a long term Arizonian. They were a great group to golf with. I did poorly, but hey, I do not golf that much anymore. The backdrop was the desert located adjacent to Luke AFB where the F-16s train. It reminded me of the 7:00 a.m. launches on the FDR 45 years ago: loud.

We did have a great get-together with the McMahons of Fennville on Wednesday. That is another long story, but to see John and Judy and dance to 60s music was a real treat.

Tomorrow we head west, then north and back to OR.


SLB said...

If you run into my sister, say Hi for me!
Glad your having a good time!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Man!

Sounds like you are having fun.... The weather here is just about as good as the 50' blooming...birds a life. Sorry your goft game isn't up to par...hardie..har. Miss you and your wife...have a safe trip back home...we will see you March 3... Drive safe... Later!