Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Update time

We had a great ride to Kissimmee yesterday to visit with Jan, Gary, Jodi, Doug and Cooper. We drove up the back roads through the orange groves and past Bok Sanctuary (didn't stop this time) and on to K. That place is everything Disney, all the time. Even the power poles are topped with an outline of Mickey's signature head with the ears serving as the cross arms. Goofy, I thought.

We spent three hours and then tore back to Sebring (65 miles) via the shortest route getting here just in time to see the downfall of OSU. It was 10-0 when we left the folks...what a good game to miss. So much for the Big 10 (11) looking competitive in bowl games. Let's see...Michigan, Penn State and Purdue won...everyone else got emulsified.

Today we walked and spent about 1 1/2 hrs at the pool reading and sunning and dipping. It was beautiful. We did not have great pool weather when we were here two years ago at this time, so today was a treat.

We head for Ft Myers tomorrow. Aleene's oldest brother winters there. We will stay four nights then back to Sebring. I reminded Aleene 43 years ago this month we honeymooned in Florida...up the road a bit in Jacksonville Beach. I do not remeber what the weather was like that week.

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