Monday, January 14, 2008

Brrrr it's 65 degrees outside

After over a week of 70-80 degree weather, a cold front moved through SW Florida last night and we got up to 60 degree temps with a high due to be 71 today. Brrr. It is not just the cold it is the wind. I put on long pants for the first time since we have been here!

Ok, enough smart stuff. The countdown is on; just three days to go.

We went to divine services (a navy term) yesterday at a hybrid Lutheran-Episcopal church in Estero. Interesting. Up and down, some crossing, some not, two types of liquid (wine and juice) at communion, some intincting and some drinking from the common cup (yuk)...whew the choices. They were about stewardship yesterday and the guy who did the message was a layman who really nailed it. In it he brought up the book "Three Cups of Tea" which I have been hearing about from one of my Thursday morning friends. It is about an American young man who, after being saved by Sherpas, returned to build schools for the people who helped him, bucking all the odds. In addition the speaker told the story of the heroic destroyer captain at the battle of Leyte Gulf (WWII for those of you who may have forgotten) which I have read several times, as well as telling about Rosa Parks. They are all about their local missions here, of which they have several. In fact they were so good at caring for the homeless in Ft. Myers the city council got after them because they felt they were attracting too many homeless from other areas. So much for just "Feed my sheep."

Aleene mentioned on the 100 mile sojourn from Ft. Myers to Sebring this morning that there did not seem to be as much traffic as we remembered (on US 41 and I-75) from two years ago. Agreed. Supposition is the price of gas...or the housing glut. There are condos and houses here in the sunbelt that are falling in value. And not just the high priced stuff, either; everything. Don says there are fewer snowbirds this year. Whatever, it is a nice drive on a sunny day.

Enjoy the snow, northerners...and the rain PNW...and the whatever you folks in AZ. We are doing just fine here.


Michelle said...

I'd take 65 degrees! Why don't you drive up to Michigan this weekend where we'll be lucky to hit a high of 15!!! We're going to Boyne skiing this weekend should be real COLD.

Enjoy your travels :)

Tom said...

Thanks, I'll pass. Say Hi to Jeff as you go through Boyne Falls.