Thursday, December 13, 2007

What has Aleene been doing?

You might ask, and rightfully so since I do not usually feature her in my blog, "What has Aleene been doing?" Well, in full view of the world of kids, she is posing as simple Hebrew woman (with red hair...hmm). The adult pictured with her is the daughter of our friends, the Springers. Melonie is a PhD (Oklahoma State) in English Lit who teaches at Fox. Two of those boys are hers. The group is making Baby Jesus out of clay and wrapping him in strips of cloth. Some of the bigger kids made lambs and other characters that may have been there the first Christmas. There were other stations, but I liked this one best so took the most pictures here.

I do not have pictures of her flexing her muscles at FiSH...our local food bank each Monday, or teaching at SMART on Tuesday, or in her Bible study on Wednesday. You have seen her with Asher (who spent the morning here on Thursday) and Tru (whom she just got back from picking up at school.) She also sings with me (and others) in choir on Wednesday and Sunday.

She is busy, and when I take off to do something at Fox (like yesterday and tomorrow) I am never fearful that she will not be doing something constructive. Which is all to say she is staying young by being creative.

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