Friday, December 28, 2007


Yikes, it has rained a lot. Seven plus inches the TV man tells us...two above normal and we still have three days to go and it continues to rain. Oh well, that's what makes it green here. Mt. Hood is getting mega snow, too.

I linked up with a young man whom I am going to mentor as he joins the church early next year. He is great. Of course, I am partial because he is tall, wears the same shoe size as I do and is not quite 13. I am looking forward to the next few months as we meet, get to know each other and fill in the workbook authored by William Willamon. Willamon is a UM author and pastor that I have encountered before. I like his work and approach. We had a video of his that I used when I was teaching SS at least ten years ago. Cool.

We are counting down to our trip to Thursday evening we fly to Tampa. Both Don and Willie have checked I think they know we are coming. We are looking forward to getting some sunshine and visiting with Aleene's bros. We are hopeful of linking up with a couple of friends who also winter there. We will see. I may just want to eat gator soup and endless salad at the local restaurant...can't remember the name now. How quick the memory fades after two short years.

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Jeff Lutz said...

Actually, Will Willamon is now the bishop for the northern Alabama conference and writes a blog found at I read his writings regularly.