Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Saturday evening and I am listening to the Eagles

Aleene is at the coast with 16 ladies from church for a retreat, so I am all alone....listening to some music :-( Oh, and don't believe the date at the top...this thing must still be on Eastern is just 9:00 here!

So here is the deal:
Thirty years ago...or there abouts, I started my bookkeeping career. I spent a lot of time in our basement in Fennville, working on the particular generation of computer I had at the time and keeping track of money for a couple of businesses...and listening to the radio; ever-constant. I listened to a lot of radio. I knew the top 40 and all the words to them (other than the screaming rock songs). One of my favorite groups was The Eagles...Lying Eyes, was perhaps the all time favorite song (City girls seem to find out early how to open doors with just a smile...). As the years went by, the group broke up and I changed listening habits and I quit doing books for people. Well, The Eagles are back together...strained as the relationship might be, they put together a new CD. It has none of the oldies...we have them on two CDs (best of) and while we like to listen to them, our listening tastes have changed...except for the nostalgia factor, which I allow to creep in now and then.

Whew...long story...I bought two new CDs this week...The Eagles and Bon Jovi (for Aleene, since she likes his activism AND his music). Tonight, being alone, I decided to crank up the new tunes. Yeah, man...where did the last thirty years go? The old Eagles harmonies are there...only I feel (and look) different...but the sounds are the same.

Today was supposed to be Christmas Card day for me. Hey, a little football, write some cards, you know.... The Army-Navy game was just on (9:00 here) when the phone rang. I did get my walk in and just finished a bowl of Cheerios. It was one of the guys from church who wanted me to come to FISH...the food bank where Aleene help unload cars and trucks from a Scout food there or be square, the saying goes. Three hours later I stumbled home. I had to shower, eat and get to church to run the sound board for our Community Messiah sing-a-long. So much for cards. So much for feetsball...I did see the final score of A-N...go Navy. But, what about the Civil War (that is what they call Oregon, Oregon State?) If you are not familiar with your geography of Oregon, Eugene is south of Corvallis by about 60 miles (oh yes, Eugene is where OU is located and Corvallis is OSU's home.) Come on yin's eastern folk...learn about Oregon, I had to. It is big can liken it to Michigan and Ohio State, or in my youth, Pitt-Penn State. It divides families and friends. It just did make it on ESPN2.

I got home at about five thirty from church and Truman called wanting to know if I wanted to go to a movie with them (Amy is in Tacoma this weekend), but I begged off. The boys are all coming to lunch after church (I am doing hot dawgs) so it's not like I won't see them. I wanted to see Pitt beat WVa. And I wanted to see Oklahoma beat Missouri...and I did get to see the second OT of the Civil War...Go Beavers. So that is all done now and there is nothing left to celebrate until they announce the BCS matchings tomorrow along with all the bowl assignments.

I can recommend the new Eagles CD...sounds like them, very much. I am not sure about Bon will take another day.

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