Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas music

We did our Christmas cantata today. We did four numbers at the 8:15 and the whole thing at 10:30. I was a little weak after we finished. That is a very active morning for me and all that singing gave me a bit of a strained voice. But, hey, we made it.

Our choir has over 30 when everyone is there...I think there were 28 today...ten men split evenly between T and B. Lots of good voices. I think I have commented before, but one more time if I can...our leader is the former band guy at Newberg High now an adjunct at George Fox. Our organist/pianist is also in public school music; she has a master's in organ. She is good or should I say great? It made for a full morning and a fun time for all of us.

No snow here...all you mid-westerners and easterners. We do have a bit of rain, but no snow.

Anyone care about R Rod going from WVU to Michigan? I am open to the idea, but dang do these guys have no allegiance to their contracts?

Here's singing to you a Merry Christmas...

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