Monday, November 12, 2007

When you live in Oregon, you expect rain

Today is not Oregon-like, it is Michigan-like. At least that is the feeling I get when I hear the wind howling outside. It reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot's song of 30 years ago about the Edmond Fitzgerald...the winds of November came early, and the hurricane west have the picture. Today, the coast is getting pounded with up to 100 mph winds...for those of you have been there, Astoria reports 82 mph gusts. Can you imagine the mouth of the great Columbia and the second most dangerous bar in the world...and then high atop the hill that overlooks the Pacific...whew...82 mph. Hang on to your hat.

Our winds are not that high...35-40 mph gusts with sustained winds of 25 mph...ok maybe kts. They are strong. (For the non-nautical a knot (kt) is somewhat further than a mile so wind recorded in kts is stronger than mph. 30 kts are about 35 mph) How did I do with that Jeff? Jeff?

Got a call from Shirl-girl from Apple Valley...good to hear from her. She has been traveling this fall and is expecting her family there for Thanksgiving. Now, if I can remember, it would be a wonderful time for a call there. There must be lots of laughter when the MN crew gets together.

I am rereading Dave's memories pre-1948. I love to get my mind going about what life was like then. Every once in a while I get verklempht when thinking about that stuff. Much has been passed to my via story telling, but I do recall some seminal events and I do know the cast of characters. Good reading...thanks, David, again for spinning all those words out of your head.

Well, I better go. Aleene is volunteering at the food bank we call FISH on Mondays, so I am alone and supposed to be working on my class for tomorrow evening....which I was doing up until I started blogging. What caught my attention was a noise outside, so I took a quick spin around the house outside to see if we lost some siding or something. It turned out to be the umbrella from out patio table. I had taken it out and leaned it up against the house in an elcove of the deck and it slipped down with a bang. Not it did not end up on the roof like some deck umbrellas I remember...Wes. The howling wind minded me of Michigan...our prairie home.

God speed to all.

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