Monday, November 19, 2007

Sadness at GFU and in our church family

Cara Moran, a senior at George Fox and a frequent member of our Sunday evening service (which we regularly attend) died early Sunday morning in an automobile accident just east of us. The three girls with her were all seriously injured. One of the injured, Arianne Reagor, is our youth ministries intern from George Fox.

The girls were headed south on 99W near Sherwood shortly before 1:00 a.m. when they were struck by a car going north in the south bound lane. The highway is divided there, so the other drive who was also killed, really made a bad mistake. This person had been in the wrong lane for some time witnesses reported. The driver was so badly burned the police, at least initially, were not sure if it was a male or female. There has been no announcement identifying the other driver.

Cara was from Chandler, Arizona. Arianne and one of the other girls was from Kelso, Washington. The fourth girl is from Portland.

The announcement was made by the University at about 8:30 a.m. and by our second service, Pastor Jane had the word. She was almost unable to conduct services, but she did and we all joined in prayer concerning the situation. Our men's group has contributed funds for use by Arianne's family to stay in a motel while they tend to her needs in the hospital. It is obvious that everyone who knew them is touched by this tragic loss.

When we got home I checked my email and sure enough there was the announcement with all the details. I now get those thing since I am a member of the GFU family.

Today we celebrate Asher's third birthday...pre-lunch party for the toddlers and then family celebration tonight. Tru is not all that happy about all the attention his brother is getting, but he will endure.

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