Friday, November 09, 2007

It's been a while....

If you read blogs regularly, like I do, it is common for a blogger who has not posted in a while to begin like I did today....I really dislike that. So what if it has been a while? Who cares? Which is all to say that while I am writing today, there is not much to say. Boring!

My Tuesday class is going well. I have the students give me feedback after the third week and that has been positive, so it is "steady as she goes."

Aleene and I continue to walk our two miles in the morning. Today we indulged ourselves and stopped at French Bear for predictable. The waiter there sees us coming and has our coffee on the table before we ask for it. They use brown eggs like we used to produce on the farm. I got into a discussion with a student in class about red chickens and brown eggs. When I recited the breeds, she was surprised I knew anything about the big birds. Yep, Jim and I did a lot of chicken farming for a few years...enough to keep mother's friends in brown eggs.

After we got home and took showers, we walked back up on campus to pick up a printing order I had turned in for my class. They called to say it was ready. We just had to stop in the bookstore and look for GFU clothing...Christmas is coming and I get a faculty discount. On the way back we stopped at Coffee Cottage for tea...what a life. (We did three miles today.)

Yesterday I met a publisher's rep to discuss the text I am using. She is new to the area and to George Fox. She had community colleges in her territory and added Fox and Linfield this summer. We met at the Cottage because neither of us has an office. Coffee Cottage is sort of like a poor man's JP's. It is right off campus and has a lot of student traffic as well as adults who do not have offices. We talked about cooking up a writing deal. We will see how far that goes.

Tonight our men's group at church is hosting about 15 or 20 international students from George Fox. We did this last year. We pick them up on campus and haul them over to church for an "American" dinner and then recognize them, welcome them and talk to them about their homes. Most of the students are women and I think they have a good time because it is something to do on a Friday night and...and this is the biggie...especially in Asian cultures, which is where most of these kids come from, they honor (read that tolerate) older adults much more than our kiddos do. As Mr. Monk would say, "I may be wrong now, but I don't think so." I will report on the dinner and maybe even have pictures. I am driving the van for church this month, so I will be one of the picker uppers. Last year the young woman who sat with us was so neat (she was from Korea.) I was sorry we did not follow up and see her again. Some of the guys did invite them to their homes later in the year.

I talked to all three of my sibs this past week and they are doing well. Dave and Midge are curtailing their time away from home do to ambulatory issues. They just do not do well on their feet for very long. Chickie's Bruce is dealing with eye problems, but they are doing well as they entertain their grands from time to time as they come through. Jim and Nancy are busy doing bells and for others, which is their niche. When I grow up I want to be like Brother Jim. mate has made me a I better eat. Yep, not much going on.

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SLB said...

I thought everything sounded pretty exciting and busy! I will stop blogging... It's been awhile... ;-)