Friday, November 23, 2007

Celebrating Thanksgiving (on Friday)

No pictures again today. I thought I would spare you the look of dirty dishes and lounging bodies watching football on TV. But that is about all there is to show.

The family came over just before noon...with two boys and a black and white spend the day. And as I write this there is still eating going on...mostly pie at this point.

Aleene fixed turkey, two types of potatoes, her patented baked corn (in corn meal), and a cranberry relish. There was lots. Out the stuff came again at 5:30; in the meantime Amy baked rolls so we could have turkey sandwiches, if you wished.

There was football to be sure, but the amusing part is that there were three laptops going at the same time as we all tapped into the WiFi here in the house. Bren is converting digital movies from tape. To see some of his handiwork look here.

After an evening of Ocean's 13 the boys went out the door fast asleep wrapped in blankets. Ah, how I remember the old days.

As for being gotta know that we are thankful for being here in Oregon where we are able to enjoy the boys and watch them grow; for being a three minute walk away from a lot of things, but mostly from family; for having found new friends to fill the gap (somewhat) left by the old friends; for good health (as far as we know) and for just being able to enjoy doing the things that interest us here in our new home.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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