Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday afternoon fun...

We went over to Dundee yesterday afternoon...braved the traffic from the visit a church friend who grows kiwi. Paul and his wife live atop a hill from which you can see Mt. Hood in one direction and Salem in the other. They are surrounded by vineyards. Paul does many things, and one of them is growing kiwi. He gets lots of people at his U-pick. Mostly wine country explorers who happen to see his kiwi signs and just stop. He has had them from Traverse City, MI...and Holland, MI he reports. We took the boys to see how kiwi grow and to pick some. Interesting. Thanks to Bren's can see more about the trip.

The boys had a ball and we ended up with some baby fruit (smooth and grape-like in nature) as well as the traditional fuzzy tennis ball size. The baby fruit were ready to eat. The larger ones will have to ripen for a few days, but they are in great shape. A good year for kiwi, Paul says.

Paul was the general contractor on our house and has about 50 bee hives (he does everything.)

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