Monday, September 24, 2007

The atumnal equinox

Here it is September 24...unbelievable. Fall came in yesterday and we continue to have beautiful weather. We do not have a busy week, but I do have the all day seminar at George Fox in Portland on Saturday. I think I am ready. Got the printing shop at GFU here in Newberg to run handouts. That went well, so I think I can count on them in the future when I begin my weekly class.

They called me this morning to say the job was done. I promptly walked up on campus and over to the printing house. As I crossed the quad again (we walk up there in the morning before students are out and about) I thought about my 3.5 years at Penn State. After the first year there, I lived off campus...about a mile. Each time I wanted to go to was hiking time. Here I was, 45 years later clicking off the steps across campus saying hello to as many students who would make eye contact and soaking in the was great. Now if I could only get back to my college weight. I think walking several times a day up here will do the trick.

Yesterday was my turn to preach in the absence of our pastor. She and her husband, my friend John, are in Scotland. It went well, and why not? Amy and the kids were there. Bren was in Bend with his brother-in-law for a race. It gave me a chance to use a story about cross country running, which got a chuckle.

Other than walking on campus today, I stood watch for Amy while Asher was napping and she went to school to pick up Tru. Five minutes after she left he got up. Thump...I heard his feet hit the deck and paddle across the upstairs room. I started up the steps and he met me on his way down with his stuffed animal and blanket in his hand. He did not miss a beat. "Where's Grammy?" he asked. (I get no respect. He could have at least acknowledged my presence.) "Grammy is painting," I said. At first I thought he was going to cry, but he didn't.

After we accounted for everyone, he proceeded to chat with me about the birthday party he went to yesterday. He has three buddies whose birthdays are a month a part...the oldest turned three yesterday. Asher is next in November. Quite a party. The grandpa brought a load of sand and dumped it in the drive (somehow) and the boys, who had their dump trucks, proceeded to move it to the sandbox. Cool. He had a ball.

Tru and Amy showed up about 15 minutes later. Tru lost another tooth today at school, but before he could show me the little pearl that was in a plastic box hanging around his neck on a fish-line, he asked, "Where's Grammy?" "Painting," I said. Before I could say another word he was running and asking, "Which room?" I quickly replied, "At our house." I thought he was going to cry, too, but the tooth story overtook him. I gotta work on that. "Where's Grammy?" They do love their Grammy.

Aleene is at yoga and I am watching Monday Night Football. It is great to watch night time football at 5:30 p.m.

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