Sunday, August 12, 2007

House stuff

While Amy, Bren and the boys are in California this week Aleene agreed to paint their breakfast nook. She signed me on to clean the living room/dining room carpet. So let the work begin.

House cleaning/repair work is not one of my favorites, but we had fun working on the projects. We had the dog at our house and the cats come and go at will, stopping only for a look and coming close enough for you to rub their backs...once. So there were not a lot of fur issues to contend with once I got the carpet cleaning process started. Pets are always a issue when it comes to keeping a house clean. The Dyson got filled before I could even start the wet cleaning.

Oh yes, the Dyson; let me comment. They have had this instrument of power several months, but I have not used it before. Just turning it on was a mystery that had to be solved. When it comes to using the attachments, I gave up and drove home for our Hoover. I like the Dyson for a lot of reasons, but when it comes to using it the word "counter-intuitive" comes to mind. I think they got a bit too cute in the design end.

Aleene, very methodically, tackled the window, door and trim then rolled the walls. I did my thing and left feeling a bit guilty. But she is happy with a paint brush in her hand, so I brought her lunch checked out once more. Finally, when I missed her too much, I drove over to demand she stop for the day. She beat me to it. She had her little piles of things to bring back to our house laid out on the steps waiting for me. She was ready to quit.

We go back sometime today for a few minor adjustments, but by and large or project is done. Tuesday the kids come back and will liven the place up once more and all the camping gear will doubless end up on my clean carpet. And Frodo will go back home and start leaving his black gobs of fur hither and thither.

Oh, and Spike the lizzard is fine. Today we go to the pet store and buy crickets for him. We will be entertained for a minute which is all it takes for him to see, stalk and eat a dozen little critters.

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