Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One year later

May 1... is not only Gary's birthday...a significant one at that, but it is the first anniversary of our pulling out of Michigan. One year ago we loaded our truck and headed west. Aleene said something the other day about the adventure we had that week and the feeling of separation we experienced. But she was wishing we could do it again (without the furniture loaded on our back.)

Lots has changed in the past year. Saturday will mark the first anniversary of losing Rosie. She is looking down on us from the side of Chehalem Mountain...we still miss her.

The up side is that we have become closely attached to two little boys. Last night I walked over to get the truck (Jeep was in the shop). As I went inside the house to get the keys Asher was in the bathtub and heard my voice. "Where's Grammy? Where's Grammy? Pappy," he called to me. That boy loves his Grammy.

Truman was here (usual Tuesday afternoon) when I got home after school..."Pappy," he said with a prideful smile, "We made Rice Krispy treats, and yours are in the pan." Boy,were they; yum.

We got the final bid on the kitchen floor which will conclude the current round of improvements on the house. The staff at Carpet One in McMinnville knows us well.
What a year it has been.

I signed on to do a two day gig in Lavonia, Michigan July 2 & 3, today. My bud in KC keeps coming up with opportunities (I have a regularly scheduled seminar in Portland next week.) So...that will be two flights to Detroit in July: first to Lavonia then our fly and drive to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Boyne Falls and Holland at the end of the month. Not sure I can tolerate two cross country flights in three weeks.

The weather across I-80 a year ago was a mix of sun and snow...until we got to Oregon and then everything was ok. The familiar sights of the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood and the Willamette Valley are now our home territory. I guess we are comfortable with that.

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SLB said...

Those two little boys are VERY lucky and blessed!!