Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oregon vs. Michigan on Dec. 7

Sandra Bale (nee Arnett) included pictures in her blog, which tell the story. Bales live right next to where we used to live on 59th St. in Fennville. Her dad and I moved a lot of snow in that area over the years. Doesn't look like things have changed that much. Not sure of the wind and the temp, but look at the snow...!

We are sunshine and 50 degrees here with jack hammers running in the front (peeling off the concrete entry) and concrete work in the the stub wall goes up... and I dug four holes and transplanted our azaleas. I thought to myself...I would not be doing this in Michigan today.

Thanks, Sandra for letting us in on the conditions there.

The birthday girl and her family will be here for supper and cake....whew...let me see, La Grange, IL, 1968...cold there that day as I remember.

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SLB said...

Laura called me on Thursday, just to let me know it was 80 and beautiful in Scottsdale. It was fun watching the kids sled on the hill between our houses. Reminds me of years ago.