Sunday, December 03, 2006

Watch this....

Before I tell another story, go see Amy's latest creation at her blog or see the link at right. One of the pictures is about 30 years old. See if you know who the kids from yesteryear are.

On quite another matter, we have a friend at church who we have gotten to know. Both she and her husband are retired from George Fox. They both taught music. Her name is Chris. She is originally from Kansas, but spent three summers at Interlochen (near Traverse City, MI) then got her performing arts degree in piano at Eastman. She did her grad work at IU which is where she met her hubby, Bob. Bob has a PhD (woodwinds)and is a great conversationalist. Well, while Chris still plays and has students, she is past her prime (as we all are.) Come to find out yesterday at our community Messiah sing-along after the 200 voices, organ, and piano and paid soloists all performed for two hours, that Chis is a former women's chess champ of Oregon...three years running. She wants to teach Aleene how to play chess.

You be the judge...will she or won't she...take chess lessons from Chris?

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