Thursday, December 21, 2006


The plumber came and all the outlets stubbed in. Now the framers can come back and finish. The plumber, Chad, is a cool young guy. He has the world by the tail. He makes lots of money plumbing and then builds and sells spec houses. His is 35 and is planning on retiring in five years.

I have not included pictures because some tell me that filters at their place of work does not allow pix, anyhow, so I will slow down on that. I put pix up on Flickr in batches. I am accumulating them on my camera so that we have a record of the addition. We can hardly wait to get the addition in. I dread the transition when the wall comes down, but planning on a second and make that a new bathroom is exciting. This place will rock; new roof, new siding, upgraded electrical service and a second bathroom, walk in doesn't get much better that that.

The boys and Frodo will be here in the hour for a 24 hour stay. Mom and Dad are going on an overnight to a hot spring place in Washington. Grammy is all geared up. All I have to do is put Asher down for naps and the night. He does much better when males put him down. Go figure. I would hold out for a woman's touch myself. Maybe he is sly like a fox and stays awake when Mom or Grammy put him down to have more quality time with them. Only problem is they don't consider that quality time.

Our men's prayer breakfast was light this morning. Just my captain (rafter, John Shaffer) and another guy from Sherwood who used to go to our church until he moved. He comes here for breakfast once a week because he sells in the area. Of course the preacher was there. She reported on the couple we have become to know. Marilyn, was a match for a kidney transplant for her husband, Bill. Amazing. They are now both home and doing well. This was done at OHSU in Portland. I may have written about them before. Bill has overcome some real hurdles in this procedure. It is good to hear about his progress.

Wish us come the boys.

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