Friday, December 15, 2006

Storm aftermath

We had several folks from around the country check in with us today after hearing the reports of the wild weather here. We are fine. The Valley did not get the wildest winds, but we did get rain, rain, and more rain. In fact, it flooded the newly poured addition's crawl space. The contractor came by this morning and put in a pump to get it down.

He lives up the mountain from us in "wine country" and did lose power and had trees downed either by wind or by the power company trying to clear up downed lines. So he ran off to tend to his business at home. He goes to our church, so I know him pretty well.

We got about 3" of rain over the last couple of days, but the sun was out today and the framers showed up to start their work. They are nice guys, too. They had to measure for trusses and get them ordered. They will be back on Monday to begin building.

All is fine...still concerned about the three guys on Mt. Hood. They are experienced climbers and there was a story in the Oregonian today about a guy who spent 13 days in a snow cave on Mt. Hood 30 years ago. These guys have been there 8 days. As he said, "It's too soon to give up. These guys know how to survive." Let's hope he is right. The trio have climbed Mt. Rainier, and some of the Denali peaks in Alaska (I assume not McKinley at 22k feet.)

Thanks for checking in on us....we have been through much worse in MI over the years.

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