Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow in the Valley?

Yep, records were broken (wettest November, ever) this week and snow fell on the valley floor. The mountains got their share, too. If anyone saw the Seattle game on Monday they got all the ballyhoo from the media. But this morning they were reporting record snowfall in the Puget Sound area. We just got a dusting.

We had some snow stick on the grass here, but it was gone by 8:30. The "hills" around here got 2-4 and the mountains got 8-10, is what I heard. The Cascades got hit really hard, but that is what skiers want...and so it goes.

We started our building (or demolition) project today. The General Contractor and I dismantled the deck and took out several sections of fence so that we could get the framer in here early in December. Yea... So I am stiff and sore and Aleene likes it that way. She gets a bit miffed when I watch so much football. I know, I know, but the building project is overdue and I am glad to sacrifice my boody (UK English for body; our preacher is from Scotland and has those little isms that are fun to use) to get it done. Fun.

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