Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mediating in Yamhill County, OR

I attended my first mediation in Oregon, last night. They do small claims in the evening here. Quite accommodating for the working folks, I think.

The process is the same and the cases are change there, but the mediation process is more closely integrated into the court system than I am used to. Of course, when I left Ottawa County, we were mediating court ordered General-Civil claims, which was very integrated. But last night we mediated to stalemate and then the parties went in front of the judge and he decided. That is the first time I was able to see an outcome unfold immediately after a mediation. Interesting, very interesting.

Truman was here yesterday afternoon and both of the boys are here today. We missed them last week while we were in Seattle so it is good to be back to the normal schedule. They are fun to be with. Tru was so cute yesterday. He not only missed us last week, he did not see Grammy all weekend because she was at the Coast. I asked him if he wanted to take a brief walk with me down town and he didn't want to go...but to see him slide in close next to her and put his head on her shoulder...a more love-sick look on the face of a little boy, I have never seen.

I joined the community fitness center and pool this week...whew, I have to do something. Newberg has a facility similar to the Aquatic Center in Holland...not as grandiose, but it is new and very nice. They have senior citizen rates which end up being less that what I was paying at Evergreen Commons when I was working out there. The only thing lacking is Pat Price to help me plan my workouts.

I mailed off a big tax payment to The State of about that 9% income tax? But as we look at new vehicles, I have to remember that there will be NO sales tax. That is huge. We will see how that plays out, but I have to tell you I tired of paying sales tax in Washington last week.

Tomorrow we are going camping at Silver Falls which is in the foothills of the Cascades east of Salem. Two days...just a quick outing, but Silver Falls is one of the most beautiful parts of Oregon, the locals tell me, even more so than Crater Lake (which is covered with snow right now.)


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