Saturday, October 21, 2006

Leaving Silver Falls...Sat

We had frost last night…and why not? Camping in the foothills on the 21st of October, it seems reasonable. But that did not stop us, not at all. Our trusty furnace kept us as snug as the proverbial bug.

We were up early and back outside after the cook prepared a hearty breakfast, ala French Bear, of toast and egg scrambler.

We wanted to do the upper trail today since we did the six mile canyon walk yesterday. We are looking for short hikes that show the most for those who may want a less aggressive walk. The Maple Rim trail is the one. While you can only view one falls, it is one of the big ones…and one you can walk behind, if you care to descend the switchbacks to get there.

As you might expect, the sun was out (since it cleared off and frosted last night) so we took our sunglasses when we poked our noses out of the woods. Good thing we did too, because the clear air produced a brilliant sun bathed forest this morning. The fog was in the tops of the trees and the sun’s rays cut through with picturesque majesty. Too bad I did not have my digital camera…dang.

We did over two miles this morning…our usual morning jaunt. So we are feeling loose and limber after the long hike yesterday. Right now the cook is preparing a pot of coffee for us to enjoy as we close camp and climb out of the forest. We have travel about five miles to another part of the park to dump our tanks before we head west to Salem and then north on I-5 and home. We should be back in Newberg by 1:00.

This is a great park…perhaps the nicest, most scenic campground we have experienced in any of our travels. We are sure it gets inundated in the summer, but this third weekend of October…especially on Thursday and Friday it was calm and peaceful. There are lots of campers around us this morning and even more tenting parties. I think everyone here thinks this is a great park too.

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