Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Rogue River...don't let the placid look fool you

The Rogue is a natural wonder. We did 36 miles over three days through the rugged, unspoiled wilderness. Traversed three Class 4 rapids, several Class 3 and many Class 2. We got wet, but did not spill or capsize. Sometimes lazy, sometimes hectically frantic. Unfortunately, I did not risk the camera getting soaked to shoot pictures when we did the rapids...just too busy with two people in the boat.

The river was low, but not as low as it can get. Low water creates specific problems with limited space between certain rocks. Getting hung up is no fun either.

Stayed in two different lodges along the way...basic accommodations with great food. Met fishing parties where they paid $1,300 per person for three days. We split expenses and fortunately two in our party own the equipment.

There were spectacular views...fast water, slow water, beaver, deer, osprey, heron, egret, kingfisher, bear (scat) and squirrels. Most of the shore is too rugged for animals to come down to feed or drink. The meadows along the lower part of the journey is where bear get into camper's stuff. Talked to one group along the way who were up until two a.m. guarding against a mother and two cubs...pesky critters.

More later. Check out my other pictures on FLICKR.

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