Wednesday, August 02, 2006 's August

Weather is a hot topic these days; especially in the news. I wish I could have ya’ll here for the summer. We are in the middle of a month of delightful temps and no rain. That is normal for this time of year (no rain), but 78 degrees every day is absolutely great. And, the grass doesn’t grow…which makes up for having to cut it in January.

We are going to the coast for a week on the 10th. Tru will most likely go with us at least for a few days. The pictures we took of the eagles last time we were out there were a disappointment. As close as they were to us, they look like a pair of robins in the picture. I will take the digital next time we walk out there.

I interviewed with George Fox yesterday to do some teaching. Not sure how that will turn out because of my seminar schedule this fall. But we will see. In addition, I am working on a deal to teach on-line for another university (not U. of Phoenix). One of the staff from there was in my last mediation conference and he made the connection. We will see where that one goes.

Got the motor home registered in Oregon today. That has been a process since we had to have it inspected for emissions, etc. If you forgot when I wrote about the Jeep registration here, it is much cheaper here to own a vehicle any way you look at it: no sales tax, two year plates for the cost of one year registrations in Michigan…and insurance for a third less (same company, same coverage.)

Hit some golf balls the other day…the first since moving here. The driving range is next to the new 9 hole course located not too far from us…beautiful course; it is well kept and has a gentle roll up and down hills. I plan to get out on the course soon. They have breaks for golf and cart for seniors; love being a senior here. Actually, I did pretty well for such a long lay off. Mind you, now, this was only the driving range.

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bob in Holland said...

You'll enjoy the course. I've played it twice with my son. First 3 holes are to get you warmed up and then it gets tougher as you go. Take plenty of balls. We stopped on the 6th hole for a few minutes to look in the ravine and found 27 balls. So apparantly one can lose them but also find them if its not to busy. It is a beautiful course.