Friday, July 14, 2006

Time for a post

Lots going on this week:

Our friend Duane had major surgery last week. He came home the other day and is doing quite well. I asked him if the surgery ended up better or worse than anticipated. He didn't hesitate: worse. There was much more pain in recovery than he thought there would be.

Our friends Jan and Gary were in Florida this week. The day before they left, their 15 year old Golden Retriever, Brandy, became ill and died. That leaves them with her male pup of almost 13 years alone. Not sure how that will turn out. We relate to losing an old pal. We are pretty much over our loss after two months, but we still miss her.

Aleene kept the kids all day today as Amy taught a workshop at Fox. It was a long day, but the kids were good. We ordered carry-out and stayed for supper with the kids. Fun.

I lead a two day mediation seminar in Portland next week. There are ten registered for this one, so that will be a nice group. I am not sure either my voice or my legs can take a two day event. I felt the same way in March (the last one here) and it was ok. I have been doing some serious walking to get in shape. I even ran several laps at the track to see if I can still run...of course, I can.

I reworked the piece that was in the Sentinal last week from a different slant and submitted it to the local paper. He liked it, but did not commit to running it. Could be Saturday, next Wednesday or never. I don't get paid for these, they are just fun to do. It it gets published here I will include a link in the blog.

Got the Jeep tuned up and flushed, etc. today after 75,000 miles. It now runs like a top. The guy who did the work is Brendon's auto guy...very trustworthy.

I am working on another project...I will share more after my seminar is over. First things first.

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