Sunday, July 02, 2006

The beginning of July

When I was teaching, I felt that the summer was half over once the Fourth of July came and went. That was a bit of an over statement, but up untilthe Fourth you never had to worry about the end of summer creeping up on you. After the Fourth, you had to keep looking at the calendar to be sure that the summer wasn't over. So here it is the first weekend of July and it really seems like the summer just began.

We closed out our rented storage on Friday, which is a good thing. But the garage is full again which is a pain. Recall, this is a small one stall garage (which we would like to fix in our plans for enlargement) that gets crowded very easil. It then becomes hard to manage bicycles and tools when you want them.

Sunday I did the Men's Breakfast at church (a 7:00 a.m. event)...then after church Aleene had prepared skewers of veggies and chicken that I grilled. After we ate the parents went home in time for Asher's nap and Tru stayed here to do things with Grammy.

We had several calls this afternoon from family and friends...but that all stops shortly after 6:00 our time since most are calling from the east. I usually turn my cell phone off at 7:00 PDT.

In 2006 I am looking forward to July and August as things develop here...lots of new things going on.

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