Monday, June 26, 2006

Heat in the NW

You might have noticed the weather maps...rain, rain, rain in the east and we here in the PNW are HOT and the valley, that is. Here at the coast, it is actually cool. I walked this morning with two layers of jackets...later the three of us (with Tru) spent some time on the beach...but it was too cool to stay; do largely to the north wind. It kicks up about noon each day and blows and blows.
Amy reports Newberg as blistering, but we here are cool, just 50 miles over the mountains on the shores of the sunny Pacific. This is a different climate.

While we feel like vacationers, it is more like a continuation of our winter trip. The motorhome is our second home and we do enjoy staying there. Even the bed feels facmiliar. Of course we have good TV and a hot shower when we want it...but just one thing is missing: Rose. That old girl would have loved the present journey.

There were big crowds at the beach this weekend, what with a Brew Master contest across the street at the brew-pub. Lots of people on the beach and lots of cars in the parking lot. We had the convenience of the MH just across the street. Bren got one good ride in with his long board and the kids liked the sand...and of course, Grammy's cooking (simple, but good.)

We hang around until Wednesday, then it is back to reality and the weekend and the 4th of July...
I have lots of pictures, but no way to post them...I didn't bring my connections since I was not sure of the internet connection. I took about 25 this morning at low tide of the underside of all the rocks at the point. There were muscles by the huge bunches, star fish and sea urchins not to mention the stuff I can't identify. So, be ready for some strange shots in a few days.

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